AW: AW: [Mono-osx] Problems with first WinForms Hello World

Oscar Papel Oscar Papel" <
Tue, 12 Apr 2005 10:55:12 -0400

> After macpacking; I running from Xterminal Window with "mono Hello.exe"

This will never work due to threading issues with the GUI.

> or I double click on finder.

This is the only way the app will work.

> What do you mean with ?

There is a native OS/X program on your mac called Console.  Console displays
error messages thrown by GUI programs by catching the stdout and stderr
streams.  It is an invaluable resource and the destination for any
Console.WriteLine("") commands when you run an app from the finder.

Look for it in your Applications/Utilities sub.  Keep it in the Dock since
you'll be needing it while writing apps.

By the way, I think you are having problems because the version of Mono that
is on the mono site is missing components.  You need to download and install

This way you don't need to worry about setting any environment variables
because the launch script for your app (created by macpack) will do it for
you.  You ONLY need the terminal for compiling and macpacking.