[Mono-osx] Getting MonoDevelop running on OS/X

Marcus Marinelli marcus@gangus.com
Fri, 8 Apr 2005 13:18:24 -0700 (PDT)

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Saw this on freshmeat.net yesterday:<br /><br /><u><font color=3D"#800080">=
<a href=3D"http://www.omnicore.com/xdevelop.htm">http://www.omnicore.com/xd=
evelop.htm</a></font></u><a href=3D"http://www.omnicore.com/"></a><br /><br=
 />What got my interest piqued is the fact that it uses the same .sln file =
format as VS.NET for Windows does. This means I could potentially use this =
product to port current/existing projects that I am working on currently us=
ing VS.NET which is a big plus for me.<br /><br />Unfortunatly, two major i=
ssues with it -<br />- They won't (can't) release a build for OS X until ap=
ple releases J2SE 5.0 for OS X.<br />- It's not free.<br /><br />Hopefully =
they will be able to release a build for us in a few weeks time, because ac=
cording to the java FAQ at apple.com, they should be releasing 5.X with tig=
er.<br /><br />I've used linux and win32 versions of slickedit myself, and =
although I liked the VI key-binding support (my orig. reason for trying to =
see if I could use it to replace VS.NET), it seemed to have much clunkier s=
upport for both the .sln solution file format, MS' c# debugger, and SCC plu=
gins (I use perforce personally, I hear CVS works pretty well with it.)<br =
/><br />-marcus<br /> <br /><blockquote style=3D"PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDIN=
G-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #5167c6 2px solid; MARGIN-RIGHT=
: 0px"><div style=3D"FONT: 10pt arial">----- Original Message -----</div><d=
iv style=3D"BACKGROUND: #e4e4e4; FONT: 10pt arial; font-color: black"><b>Fr=
om:</b>   <a href=3D"mailto:jeff_grimshaw@comcast.net">&lt;jeff_grimshaw@co=
mcast.net&gt;</a></div><div style=3D"FONT: 10pt arial"><b>To:</b>   <a href=
</div><div style=3D"FONT: 10pt arial"><b>Date:</b> Friday, April 8 2005 13:=
10</div><div style=3D"FONT: 10pt arial"><b>Subject:</b> Re: [Mono-osx] Gett=
ing MonoDevelop running on OS/X</div>Sadly, no, SubEthaEdit doesn't do code=
 completion. :( I don't know of any editor that does it on OSX, but I haven=
't tried VSE.  <br /> <br />--Jeff <br /> <br /> <br />&gt; Does SubEthaEdi=
t support Code completion? <br />&gt;  <br />&gt; As of today my prefered .=
cs editor under OS X is Eclipse with the  <br />&gt; Improve csharp plugin.=
 Unfortenately without code completion. <br />&gt;  <br />&gt; Andreas <br =
/>&gt;  <br />&gt; P=E5 8. apr. 2005 kl. 20.55 skrev jeff_grimshaw@comcast.=
net: <br />&gt;  <br />&gt; &gt; As an alternative to VSE, you may want to =
try SubEthaEdit. That's my  <br />&gt; &gt; fav free (as in beer) editor fo=
r OSX. <br />&gt; &gt; <br />&gt; &gt; http://www.codingmonkeys.de/subethae=
dit/ <br />&gt; &gt; <br />&gt; &gt; --Jeff <br />&gt; &gt; <br />&gt; &gt;=
 <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; If you want intellisense under OS X try Visual slicked=
it. You can <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; download an evaluationversion from the publ=
ishers website. <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; I have tested visual slickedit and like=
d the software, but found it  <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; too <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; e=
xpensive for hobby usage. <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; http://ww=
w.slickedit.com/ <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; There is also a pl=
ugin available for Eclipse. I believe the version  <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; for =
<br />&gt; &gt;&gt; 2.x has code completion. <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; <br />&gt;=
 &gt;&gt; andreas <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&g=
t; P=E5 8. apr. 2005 kl. 20.22 skrev Steve.Mentzer@lw.com: <br />&gt; &gt;&=
gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Yes, I installed the dr=
uware tools for xcode. I like xcode, but hate <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; the k=
eybindings. <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; I am a long-tim=
e VS6/VS.NET developer, and have frequent mental  <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; b=
locks <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; when jumping between IDE's. Maybe I am just t=
oo old. :) <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; I would also LOV=
E to get intellisense for C#/.NET in XCode. Does <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; an=
yone know if Xcode allows an intellisense plugin? <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <=
br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Yes, I am a lazy programmer. :) <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&=
gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; -----Original Message--=
--- <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; From: jeff_grimshaw@comcast.net [mailto:jeff_gr=
imshaw@comcast.net] <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 11=
:16 AM <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; To: Mentzer, Steve (GSO); mono-osx@lists.xim=
ian.com <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Subject: Re: [Mono-osx] Getting MonoDevelop=
 running on OS/X <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; There's al=
so an effort underway to make XCode more mono-friendly.  <br />&gt; &gt;&gt=
;&gt; Dru <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; has some cool stuff here: <br />&gt; &gt;=
&gt;&gt; http://www.druware.com/products/xcodetools.html <br />&gt; &gt;&gt=
;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Also, the mono wiki states: <br />&gt; &gt;&g=
t;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Additionaly, the Cocoa# project is creating =
a number of framework and <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; integrating Mono within t=
he Apple XCode development chain that allow <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; MacOS X=
 developers to develop applications that leverage MacOS X <br />&gt; &gt;&g=
t;&gt; native UI and class libraries. <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &g=
t;&gt;&gt; This might be a more promising path than installing the whole Gt=
k  <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; mess <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; and hacking on Mono=
Develop. <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; --Jeff <br />&gt; =
&gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt;=
 &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Hey folks, <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt=
;&gt;&gt; Does anyone know of a comprehensive set of instructions detailing=
 <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; what <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; needs to be done =
to install MonoDevelop on an clean os/x 10.3.8 box <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&=
gt; running Fink? <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; A=
ll the examples/instructions I have seeen are woefully out of date, <br />&=
gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; and I would be happy to work w=
ith someone who has gotten it working <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; to <br />&gt;=
 &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; develop a user friendly set of instructions. <br />&gt; &=
gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Thanks! <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;=
&gt; <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Steve <br />&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; <br />&g=
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