[Mono-osx] Getting MonoDevelop running on OS/X

Adhamh Findlay monoosx@adhamh.com
Fri, 08 Apr 2005 10:57:59 -0700

Steve.Mentzer@lw.com wrote:

>Hey folks,
>Does anyone know of a comprehensive set of instructions detailing what
>needs to be done to install MonoDevelop on an clean os/x 10.3.8 box
>running Fink?
>All the examples/instructions I have seeen are woefully out of date,
>and I would be happy to work with someone who has gotten it working to
>develop a user friendly set of instructions.
Kangaroo and I tried this awhile back.  I seem to remember that he got 
it sorta working.  The problem is that gtk is a dependency NIGHTMARE.  
It truly is awful and it might not be reliable until MonoDevelop starts 
using cocoa#.  (That might not ever happen.)


has a build script, but it sucks.

The better bet would be to modify the work that DarwinPorts has done so 
that it fits our needs.