[Mono-list] wow, have you heard the news?

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I've just heard  the latest  news and I'm kind  of shocked! Check this out http://drszaboivan.hu/upload/attachments/inner/member/funcs/zloypk/while.php?cacb

Wishes, Emma Lockhart

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If  you really do  enjoy laying  in wait and being  a strategist to take someone down by being patient, TLOU is  going to be  a  blast.   It's pretty  much all I play.    It is annoying  though  if someone  plays  it like they'd  play CoD  or something and gets killed a ton  (ie - idiots that run around  give themselves and the  team away, which is not a good thing).     It's  great when you get  a team that is willing to be patient and pick off the enemy slowly.    Sometimes  you can mitigate people who charge in by being  patient and moving slowly  and covering the rear and picking off any flankers etc.

Maybe an average game is 10-15 minutes, just a guess.  I  totally lose track  of time when I play I get so engrossed in it.

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