[Mono-list] ✈Re: wow, extremely good news!

Ivano Monti ivanomonti at libero.it
Tue Jul 4 23:48:39 UTC 2017


I've just  read something really good, you're going to be surprised!  That's just awesome, read it here please http://www.thestuffyoulike.com/train.php?1617

In haste, Ivano Monti

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Deal.  I waste  my intellect playing games anyway. Besides, at my IQ  level, a 10 point drop won't hurt too much.

As  a note,  this  is not  meant  to be bragging in  any  way, because I don't think  dropping from 140 to 130 would really affect me in  what I do. Most things in life are given to you based on privilege, luck, and determination.

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