[Mono-list] Mono 4.6 apache and server side events

Peter Hagen peter at willow-media.nl
Thu Jan 12 22:28:12 UTC 2017


Does anyone have experience with using server site events (PushStreamContent), or event source, with Mono (4.6) behind an Apache server? I can see the request reaching the ApiController and the stream is being created, and it exists when I push some data to it. But when I check with inspect elements on the network, the request is never completely finished. I don’t see the response. When I run this with Visual Studio, IIS en Chrome it works as aspected and there is a response header section, and message are working.

So, I use Web api 5.2.3, Mono 4.6.2, Apache 2.2. There are no error message, and the debug messages are as expected. Anyone has any experience with this situation?

With kind regards,


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