[Mono-list] Mono pacakages

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) mono at nedharvey.com
Sun Feb 26 16:47:03 UTC 2017

> From: Mono-list [mailto:mono-list-bounces at lists.dot.net] On Behalf Of
> Jonathan Moore
> I'm trying to find a comprehensive download of all of the mono packages; I
> used to be on Debian but now Windows.
> Here is a reference:
> http://docs.go-mono.com/

What on earth are you talking about? Normally, "packages" would mean one of two things: Either you're a programmer, and you're talking about nuget packages, or you're building a system and you're talking about apt/yum packages. There is almost no situation where you want or need to install mono on windows. If you're building a linux system, follow the instructions, apt or yum install "mono-complete." http://www.mono-project.com/download/

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