[Mono-list] Localizing a application

Sascha Manns Sascha.Manns at mailbox.org
Sun Feb 19 00:27:52 UTC 2017

Hello List,

i have a file like that:

using Mono.Unix;

public class PubBuilder{ 
	public static void FinishedBuilding()
    	Mono.Unix.Catalog.Init ("PublicanCreators", "locale");
    	Dialogs.DialogboxInfo(Catalog.GetString("Your project was
built now"));

It was planned to use Gettext for localizing. This one should be the
only place where a string will be localized. I used that documentation:
http://www.mono-project.com/archived/internationalization/ . 

If i'm using: xgettext -a --from-code=UTF-8 PubBuilder.cs -o de.po 

but it doesn't find and use that codeline. It finds 5 other places, but

Empty msgid.  It is reserved by GNU gettext: gettext("") returns the
header entry with meta information, not the empty string.

Now i'm wondering why xgettext doesn't find the mentioned GetString
line. Maybe i have to use the code in another way?


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