[Mono-list] mkbundle / libmonosgen

Shawn Lewis smlsr at me.com
Mon Feb 13 23:11:52 UTC 2017

The “STABLE” release of 4.6.2.x downloadable from the site incorrectly does not contain the libmonosgen2.a file.

This prevents using MKBUNDLE —static —deps options as it can not link in the file.

Trying ALPHA/BETA/NIGHTLY introduces other issues, so thats not an option.

Does anyone have the libmonosgen2….a file they can share that is for the 4.6.2 Stable build so I can use mkbundle?

(Attempting to use from any other build causes issues with mscorlib versioning)

I am using CENTOS 7….

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

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