[Mono-list] Current state of play, w WPF, or Olive, or Moonlight

Baltasar GarcĂ­a Perez-Schofield baltasarq at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 12:35:57 UTC 2017


> I'm hoping to get LinqPad running on my Ubuntu workstation. When I run
> latest/greatest LinqPad, I get an error saying PresentationCore is missing.
> >From some older threads (re OSX), this assembly was found in Olive.
> A current Olive page on the mono-project site, says don't use Olive, use
> Moonlight.
> A current Moonlight page on mono-project, says don't use Moonlight.
> A current look at the mono-olive list archive, is all porn, so I assume
> that project is not current or maintained.
> Any thoughts on how to get WPF, or at least PresentationCore, installed on
> Ubuntu? Or am I out of luck.

The short answer is that yes, you are out of luck.
The long answer is that Xamarin is devoted to portable devices, and does
not care very much about the desktop.

WinForms was never finished. It seems it is crap in Mac.
Gtk# seems to be stuck in version 2, thoug there is a NuGET package for
version 3 (don't know why it does only exist as a package). Still it is the
best option available, since it is portable in Windows, Linux and Mac.

There are other efforts, such as XWT, which would be great, but
unfortunately don't know about its maturity or even whether it has been
abandoned. Other toolkits are ETO, but they are not suited for your needs.


-- Baltasar
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