[Mono-list] xbuild and relative paths

Timotheus Pokorra timotheus.pokorra at solidcharity.com
Tue Oct 25 15:41:24 UTC 2016

>> > I'm guessing that you have the permissions needed to access the /root
>> > dir in
>> > this absolute path:
>> >
>> > /root/dotnet/cli/src/Microsoft.DotNet.Cli.Utils/Microsoft.DotNet.Cli.Utils.xproj.
>> I have now tried to build it as an unprileged user, I get the same erros.

with same errors I meant: not your errors, but my errors from building
it as root.

> Can you try specifying relative paths to see if that works?

How would I specify relative paths?

>> > I do NOT have access to the /data dir in the absolute path that I'm
>> > building
>> > in…just the subdir.
>> I don't have a /data directory, and cannot find it in the dotnet/cli
>> working directory.
> You wouldn't. /data is, effectively, the /root dir on my Android device.

ok. thinking...
I think you did not post the complete output of your build.
Where does it go wrong? how far does your build get?
I cannot imagine the error message, I think I must see it.

>> >> I wonder if it helps to do this with a vagrant script or Docker file?
>> >> Then we have the same thing?
>> >>
>> > My build device doesn;t have a Docker setup and I;ve never used it; it
>> > would
>> > take a while for me to get up to speed.
>> I wonder if you should first try this on a "normal" Linux machine.
>> That will already be quite an effort, as you can see in my error messages.
>> Once that works, you try it on your device.
> That would be difficult; I don't have the time or resources to spin up a new
> Linux machine for this build.  But, since you're seeing the same issues with
> the build as an unprivileged user, I think working with what I have will be
> fine.

I cannot imagine that setting up a Linux machine costs so much energy.
Or just rent a virtual machine on AWS...
You need to reduce complexity, to find the solution. In my opinion
that is worth the time.
If you stick to your Android device, nobody can help you, because we
don't have your device.
But you would get more help trying it on Linux first, where people can
reproduce your steps.
If you find out that you cannot build it on a standard Linux, it won't
work on Android either.
My suspicion is that it will be pretty hard to build it even on Linux.
The tool chain of dotnet is not stable yet, as far as I can see.


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