[Mono-list] mono-core still required after using mkbundle --static to make executable

Alexander Köplinger alexander.koeplinger at xamarin.com
Wed Mar 9 00:57:12 UTC 2016

You’re missing the dllmaps that remap „libc“ in p/invoke declarations to libc.dylib/libc.so.6/msvcrt.dll, so the program doesn’t find the library.
Pass --config /etc/mono/config to use the default dllmap config that ships with Mono (after verifying the entries make sense for your target).

- Alex

> Am 09.03.2016 um 01:28 schrieb Eugene Kobrinsky <cue at integrate.com>:
> We're being slowly driven nuts by this <OutlookEmoji-&#X1f60a.png>
> We finally got mkbundle --static to build a single executable of our microservice, but when we move it to another machine, it fails to run unless we install mono-core (this is all on Cent0S 7 installs).
> I've included the error below, but it appears to be MassTransit library specific while the issue gets resolved with installing mono-core (yum install mono-core). This leads us to believe there is some other issue at hand and the error is misleading.  
> Our mkbundle command:
> mkbundle --deps --machine-config /etc/mono/4.5/machine.config --static Integrate.Identity.Gateway.exe /workspace/output/Integrate.dll /workspace/output/Integrate.Nancy.dll /workspace/output/Nancy.dll /workspace/output/MongoDB.Driver.dll /workspace/output/MongoDB.Bson.dll /workspace/output/Newtonsoft.Json.dll /workspace/output/Newtonsoft.Json.7.0.1.dll /workspace/output/Integrate.Identity.dll /workspace/output/Nancy.Hosting.Self.dll /workspace/output/Integrate.Identity.Storage.dll /workspace/output/Integrate.Identity.Service.dll /workspace/output/MassTransit.dll /workspace/output/Magnum.dll /workspace/output/Integrate.MassTransit.dll /workspace/output/MassTransit.Transports.RabbitMq.dll /workspace/output/Integrate.Cache.Redis.dll /workspace/output/ServiceStack.Interfaces.dll /workspace/output/ServiceStack.Redis.dll /workspace/output/ServiceStack.Text.dll /workspace/output/ServiceStack.Common.dll /workspace/output/nunit.framework.dll /workspace/output/Simple.Mocking.dll /workspace/output/Integrate.Identity.Tests.dll /workspace/output/log4net.dll -o integrateapp.exe
> Error when trying to run executable without mono-core installed:
> Unhandled Exception:
> MassTransit.Exceptions.ConfigurationException: An exception was thrown during service bus creation ---> MassTransit.Exceptions.MassTransitException: Failed to start bus services ---> RabbitMQ.Client.Exceptions.BrokerUnreachableException: None of the specified endpoints were reachable ---> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface' threw an exception. ---> System.DllNotFoundException: libc
>   at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Platform:uname (intptr)
>   at System.Platform.CheckOS () <0x40a34570 + 0x00047> in <filename unknown>:0
>   at System.Platform.get_IsMacOS () <0x40a34540 + 0x00017> in <filename unknown>:0
>   at System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterfaceFactory.Create () <0x40a34450 + 0x0005b> in <filename unknown>:0
>   at System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface..cctor () <0x40a34420 + 0x0000b> in <filename unknown>:0
>   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
>   at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.get_OSSupportsIPv6 () <0x40a78cd0 + 0x00017> in <filename unknown>:0
> (error text continues but cutting it off here)
> Does anyone have any pointers on what we can try next? We've spent a few days on this at this point and are at a dead end. 
> We use bindingredirect in our app.config if that matters.
> Thanks,
> Eugene
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