[Mono-list] Fwd: Massive performance slowdown in C# SOAP client when one AppDomain per thread versus just one (ie the primary) AppDomain

River Satya river.satya at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 05:47:08 UTC 2016

A piece of code I inherited recently uses separate AppDomains to
parallelise calls to a SOAP web service.

We were seeing an intermittent bug in Mono which caused crashes when the
AppDomains were unloaded, and since AppDomains seemed like overkill for the
purposes of multithreading calls to the service, I removed them and
simplified the code. All seemed to work fine, however, there was a drastic
performance regression (around 3x slower).

I put together a simplified chunk of code to reproduce the issue:


Any insight appreciated!


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