[Mono-list] Fwd: - Deploying ASP.net MVC in Centos - `help'

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Thu Dec 8 13:47:36 UTC 2016

> From: Mono-list [mailto:mono-list-bounces at lists.dot.net] On Behalf Of
> Marco Ridoni
> Of course you have to plan
> in advance for a cross-platform environment (things like paths, user
> impersonations, etc.), and there are some slight wrinkles here and there
> (third party components that rely on Windows will not work, ) but my
> workflow (develop in Visual Studio, build with Mono under Jenkins, test
> there with JUint, deploy in Linux) is very reliable. I'm not saying this is "the"
> way to go, one should to decide if some (very minor) inconvenience, and a
> bigger difficulty in setting up the environment, is worth the difference in cost
> for hosting and/or Windows licenses, including the added flexibility of using
> Linux (scripting, usually better peformance, etc.)

That is, indeed, what I was referring to as "a lot of effort." Marco describes as "very minor inconvenience." So either he's had more luck than me, or is simply better than me, or we have different opinions as to what counts as a lot of effort, or maybe I just gave up too easily. Dunno.

In any event, take it as given, that you *can* work this way, but it's not clear exactly how easy or difficult it is.

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