[Mono-list] - Deploying ASP.net MVC in Centos - `help'

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Tue Dec 6 12:03:29 UTC 2016

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> Jorge Rodriguez Flores
> Hello I'm completely new in mono.
> I want to deploy a solution built in ASP.net MVC 4.0 framework application,
> the development was done in WindowsSO / IIS.
> Now I need deploy on a Operating System Centos using as NginX Web
> server.

Although you might be able to do that, the basic answer is: You shouldn't expect it to work (at least, not without a lot of effort). The easiest way to see this is to simply create a default blank "hello world" asp.net project in visual studio, and then try opening it in linux/mac xamarin studio, and even the most basic thing won't work. Then try it the other way around. Create a "hello world" asp.net project in xamarin studio, notice how remarkably different the entire thing is compared to the one that was created by VS, try opening it in VS, and you can't. There simply isn't enough compatibility between mono ASP.NET and Microsoft ASP.NET, to expect this to be cross-platform compatible.

I suggest using Azure for hosting your ASP.NET project developed in VS. You just enter your Azure credentials into VS, and it publishes directly to their service. Works great.

Or I suggest developing your whole project in Xamarin studio on linux or mac, and then publishing to your custom linux mono ASP.NET server.

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