[Mono-list] REST service with Fastcgi-mono-server under nginx

Marco Ridoni m.ridoni at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 12:43:49 UTC 2016

Well, I've been using this very same configuration for several years in a
couple of web applications with a few install. Nothing really
computation-intensive or with a big number of users (it's a sort of very
specific ERP) but it works admirably well and it's quite stable (on average
I have to restart the XSP process once a month). Of course .Net core is the
future, but I'm completely satisfied with Mono + Asp.Net + Nginx  .

Marco Ridoni

2016-08-11 13:38 GMT+02:00 Edward Ned Harvey (mono) <
edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com>:

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> > I'm getting some problem with configuration of nginx passing a rest
> service
> > (.asmx) to fastcgi-mono-server. I had enabled it to return JSON response,
> > and it works properly hanging it with xsp4
> I'm not sure you necessarily want to be using mono for asp.net. Yes,
> people are out there using it, but it's never been very good (in terms of
> your process to get it installed/configured, etc. For example, it's
> technically included in your rpm's deb's, but not functional out of the
> box, lacking apparmor and selinux contexts, etc).
> Although asp.net core is "emerging," it's already good, and developing
> much more rapidly than mono asp.net. You might consider using it instead.
> http://www.asp.net/core
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