[Mono-list] I need a NuGet target for Mono

Tiago Freitas Leal tfreitasleal at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 12:50:07 UTC 2016

Hi Daniel,

I know the same assembly is */supposed/* to run on .NET and Mono, be it on
Windows/Linux/OSX and that might happen most of the time. I had two very
small experiences that worked like a preview:
1) I ran a very simple Windows Forms exe on .NET and Mono on Windows. It ran
on Mono indeed but it showed enough visual differences like controls not
showing the correct colour. If this happens on very small and simple forms,
what will happen on complex Windows Forms control libraries?
2) I ran a complex non UI library that uses a lot of reflection and the
application crashed on because of reflection.
3) According to what I read (namely  How to target Mono framework from
), there are compatibility issues even for ASP.NET.

So, everything runs? Yes it does, but there is no guarantee it won't crash
or that it will behave the same way.

Concerning your comments about detecting the OS at runtime, I don't question
your approach, since you said it solved all your problems. But I might add
two remarks:
1) My problems aren't OS related at all, since all the tests were made on a
Windows OS.
2) Some years ago, NuGet didn't exist. It was invented to solve people's
problems and make life easier, and indeed it does. Now it does exist and
there are targets for monoandroid, monotouch, xamarinios, xamarinmac among a
list a 12 Mono/Xamarin targets as you can see   Target Frameworks
<https://docs.nuget.org/create/targetframeworks>  . 

Tiago Freitas Leal
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