[Mono-list] I need a NuGet target for Mono

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Wed Aug 3 11:06:33 UTC 2016

> From: mono-list-bounces at lists.dot.net [mailto:mono-list-
> bounces at lists.dot.net] On Behalf Of Tiago Freitas Leal
> Some libraries are UI agnostic while others include Windows Forms control
> libraries. All this projects target .NET Windows Forms. Since Mono is
> gaining momentum, I think it would be useful to port the libraries to Mono
> and enable applications that use the library to run on non-Windows OSes.
> We need a NuGet target for Mono or else we must release separate NuGet
> packages for Mono and that for each package.

Just test your application on mono, and you don't need to do anything else differently. Mono developers use NuGet, just like everyone else. The same package works on windows, linux, etc.

Here's what I like to do: I have a Mac, a Windows VM, and a Linux VM. I install Xamarin Studio on the Mac, Visual Studio on Windows, and MonoDevelop in Linux. I do a bunch of work in Visual Studio, and commit to my git branch. Then I checkout that branch on the Mac, and I open the project with Xamarin Studio. Nearly everything works without any changes, but little things here and there need changes. So then I commit, and checkout on Linux. Test again on Linux. (By this time, I *rarely* need to change anything, because it already passed all the tests on Mac. But sometimes I'll have to make some changes on Linux.) 

That's it. Build the NuGet package, publish to NuGet. From now on, anyone on mono or windows can simply install and use the package via NuGet.

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