[Mono-list] Weird behaviour - portability?

Baltasar García Perez-Schofield baltasarq at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 21:19:47 UTC 2015

I've a project which is set to compile for .NET 4.5, using MonoDevelop in
Ubuntu. I have my system with the latest mono, installed as described in
the download page for debian systems. The project compiles and runs,
everything works fine.

I move the executable to a Windows 10 machine, which claims to have .NET
installed. Gtk# 2.12.26 is installed with Xamarin Studio 5.9.7 and Mono

If I launch the exe, then nothing happens, Launching it from Xamarin Studio
with Mono, it works fine. If I launch it with.NET, it produces the
following output:

Debugger operation failed
Incompatible request. (Exception HRESULT: 0x80070032)

There are two warnings:
MSB3644 .NET v4.5 reference assemblies are not found...
MSB3270 The arquitecture of the processor ("MSIL") and the arquitecture of
the assemblies c:\program files\.netv4.0... are different.

If I rebuild, then everything works fine, both in .NET and mono.

In c:\program files\reference assemblies, I have:

.Net Framework\v4.6

I installed .NET 4.6 from the Windows 10 sdk, but that did not seem to
solve the problem.

The directory in which Xamarin Studio claims to be looking for ,NET 4,
there are only xml files.

It is possible that I don't have .NET 4 or .NET 4.5, but I don't find the
installers for Windows 10, and the available installers block Windows 10.

Any idea?

-- baltasar
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