[Mono-list] Using Mono/C# to develop simple OSX app

Paul Johnson paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Mon Oct 26 14:04:10 UTC 2015


> Sorry for the basic post but I'm new to OSX development and Mono. I am a
> VB.net programmer and want to develop a simple single form app native to OSX
> that will open a text file, parse it and generate a PDF with some text and a
> couple of images.

The opening of the file is easy enough in C#. Your problem is going to 
come in the generation of the PDF. While there are external applications 
(such as txt2pdf) that will convert the pure text to PDF, I'm not sure 
if there is a simple way to create a virtual page and then export that 
to PDF.

I'm guessing the text file will have some form of mark up in it to 
position the images.

> I am thinking that C#/Mono would be my easiest route into doing this, before
> I start down the road of learning it and experiementing, I'd love to know if
> you think this is the best way of doing things given my background and what
> I want to do.

First, have a look to see if there are any libraries out there that will 
take the pain from generating the PDFs. If there isn't, have a look at 
any command line programs that may be able to help.


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