[Mono-list] Missing some symbols in Windows package.

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Oct 21 12:06:20 UTC 2015

On 21.10.2015 11:53, donggas90 wrote:
> Thanks again, Robert.
> I already known about that jit init and cleanup have to call only once.
> and I'd tried the scheme what you said.

It's not quite what I wrote. You're not handling domain creation
inside the managed world.

You may want to search the web for this kind of projects.
Try "compile c# on the fly appdomain". If you decide to
use one, you'd just have to add some kind of extension point
(an icall, for example) that gets you back into the unmanaged
world and you're done.

I know that the embedding APIs look appealing because
they might hide some ugly details of cross appdomain marshaling,
but they are also less stable to use than the well-known and
better unit-tested managed APIs.

Concerning your C++ code:

You're unloading the domain while it's still the active domain.
You should mono_domain_set () the root domain first and then
unload the ephemeral domain. Not sure if this would fix the
crash you're experiencing, though.


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