[Mono-list] Deserialising double values

Peter Hagen peter at willow-media.nl
Fri Oct 16 06:57:55 UTC 2015


I was wondering if anyone knows about an issue with deserializing double, float and decimal values, with an MVC 4 site. The values are posted as JSON to the server. When running on Windows, it deserialises correctly. I assume its a culture issue, by which the current culture is used, instead of the invariant culture. The site is running on a manual build Mono on Ubuntu 12.04. 

I set up a test page which posts the values to the action, which returns the same object again. Here below you can see the values that are posted, and received again:


> dValue: 3.4563000202179
> dcValue: 12.3457
> fValue: 0.12345


> dValue: 34563000202179
> dcValue: 123457
> fValue: 12345

I was searching if there is a know bug, or a known working workaround for this. Does anyone have an idea?



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