[Mono-list] systemd/journal bindings or api examples

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Thu Nov 26 20:38:27 UTC 2015

Hi !

Much thanks !
In preparation to a system update, I looked forward and
finally recognized, that syslog-ng was best bet - due to
a lot of neccessary features. Then I was faced with systemd,
just to see, that it handles all that in a much better way.
systemd gives a linux system what can be probably called
logging .... there are many enhancements over the old
sys/r/syslog/ng ..

So far I can see, it gives you an event system for this,
which is the best [I wrote my EventlogCollectorSystem
about 10 years ago, for windows, monitoring hundres
of servers]. Coming to linux, I felt all logging here
as always stonehenge and bad ...

So I'll keep searching ...
Probably I will look to other languages bindings :-(
Or fallback with no code-changes to syslog-ng :-(

Thanks anyway,


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> Hello Manfred,
> > I have a lot of tools, which evaluate logs - this becomes
> > "obsoleted" in face of systemd. The best solution for me
> > would some re-work - if there were any language bindings
> > to systemd, especially the journal.
> I don't know of such a tool, but you can still use syslog alongside
> systemd and journal.
> see http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/syslog/
> see
> survive-for-another-decade/
> On CentOS7, you can just install syslog with yum install rsyslog.
> centos-7-rhel-7.html
> Hope that helps,
>   Timotheus
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