[Mono-list] Access to (recent) older versions of mono in the download.mono-project.com debian repository

Alexander Köplinger alexander.koeplinger at xamarin.com
Fri Nov 13 14:09:52 UTC 2015


We discussed this and agree that there should be a way to get a specific
version from the repositories.
The only problem is that we can't fix it retroactively because the
repository management software doesn't support it.

Going forward and starting with the upcoming Mono 4.2 release, we'll
snapshot each new release using it's 4-part version, i.e. you'll be able to
use the following snapshot repos:

wheezy/snapshots/X.XX.X.XX  <-- specific 4-part version
wheezy/snapshots/X.XX.X <-- symlink to latest 4-part version
wheezy/snapshots/X.XX <-- symlink to latest 4-part version

We're still discussing whether we should also snapshot the ~0xamarinX
pushes. Those are used to correct packaging issues that don't warrant a
separate release. We're currently leaning towards not snapshotting those.

It'd be great to get your feedback on this, does the above work for your
use case?


- Alex

2015-11-13 11:21 GMT+01:00 River Satya <river.satya at gmail.com>:

> Thanks Timotheus, but the issue is not that we're getting unrequested
> upgrades; Ubuntu does not do /that/ fortunately!!
> The issue is that when we deploy a new server, I want to know what version
> it is getting. I want the new servers to have the same mono version as the
> existing ones.
> Hope this is clear now.
> Thanks,
> River
> On 13 November 2015 at 18:10, Timotheus Pokorra [via Mono] <[hidden email]
> <http:///user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=4666961&i=0>> wrote:
>> > out deployment broke again :( ). I'm really happy to see new versions
>> > getting pushed, but we need to be able to make conscious decisions
>> about
>> > if/when to upgrade.
>> You can comment the xamarin repo line in your /etc/apt sources list,
>> so that it will not check for new updates.
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