[Mono-list] just installed mono, most basic test failed.

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Wed May 13 02:16:40 UTC 2015

> From: mono-list-bounces at lists.ximian.com [mailto:mono-list-
> bounces at lists.ximian.com] On Behalf Of Pierre-François Culand
> Actually I observe Mono is not a fully functional and complete .Net
> Framework virtual machine for Mac... It's a pity...

Nothing's perfect, but for a guy who says he doesn't want to develop, build, or test on a different platform - just expects the binaries to unconditionally run on different OSes with zero effort - nothing in the world will ever be good enough.

Glad it almost worked. I guess.  :-/

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