[Mono-list] System.IO.Package and compression

Maury Markowitz maury.markowitz at gmail.com
Tue May 12 13:08:23 UTC 2015

Another recent thread here brought up the topic of System.IO.Compression and concluded that it was functional. The last time I looked, less a year ago, it did not seem to be working on OSX. Is my memory foggy?

My related question is this: is System.IO.Packaging working in Mono4? I have a project with perhaps 500,000 lines of .net code that makes heavy use of Packaging, which in turn makes heavy use of Compression, in order to open and work with xlsx files (which, if you haven’t pulled one apart, is simply a ZIPped directory of XML files).

Is anyone out there using Packaging to open Word/Excel/etc on the Mac that might have some pointers?

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