[Mono-list] Problems with mono log pofiler

Grzegorz Sobański silk at boktor.net
Thu Mar 5 10:08:58 UTC 2015


We are looking for a source of memory leak in our app. Unfortunately we 
have problems with stability when using mono profiler.
After running the app for about 5 minutes with the profiler enabled, it
stops answering requests, don't crash, but just stops working. (Without 
profiling it will run for hours).

So I have few questions:
1. Is this some known problem with stability while profiling?
2. Even when launched as:
   mono --gc=sgen --profile=log:heapshot,heapshot=ondemand program.exe
profiler still generates around 50MB/min output (specifying 
noalloc,nocalls does not change it).
Is it possible to launch profiler in mode heapshot=ondemand with 
everything else disabled? I would in effect like to minimize profiler 
impact, preferably to zero in normal run, and only do two heap snapshots 
(at start and after an hour).

Running on mono 3.12, Ubuntu 14.04.

Best regards


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