[Mono-list] xbuild: Including backslashes that shouldn't get converted to forward slashes

Matt Zinkevicius matt.zinkevicius at hp.com
Mon Jun 15 18:43:04 UTC 2015

You definitely want xbuild to convert them as paths in the majority of cases, but you need a way to override that behavior for exceptional circumstances. This done in most languages through escaping of some sort, I'm just not sure how to express that here.


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Subject: Re: xbuild: Including backslashes that shouldn't get converted to forward slashes

On 15/06/15 20:42, Andres G. Aragoneses wrote:

> On 15/06/15 19:34, Matt Zinkevicius wrote:
>> I have an msbuild/xbuild file which uses the Exec task to invoke a
>> command
>> line tool. The tool takes a regular expression as a parameter, which
>> in my
>> case contains a backslash (\) character. It seems that xbuild converts
>> all
>> backslashes into forward slashes, as they usually represent a directory
>> separation character, but in this specific case I need it passed without
>> conversion. I have tried escaping (\\) and encoding (\) but neither
>> worked.
>> How can this be achieved?
> It's probably an xbuild bug, as it should only try to convert the first
> element, not the arguments.

I take that back, since the arguments can contain file paths too. I
guess this is a hard problem to solve. Maybe the \ -> / conversion
should only live in the IO layer, not in the xbuild layer.

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