[Mono-list] known to work Apache2+ASP.NET configurations

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2015-01-15 12:55 GMT+01:00 Edward Ned Harvey (mono) <
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> > After spending much time trying to figure out how to get apache2
> > properly host my ASP.NET "project," I decided to slightly change
> > hunting grounds.
> This might or might not be helpful, but we've found that compatibility
> between mono & .Net is poor with regard to ASP.Net.

Unless I didn't miss some details, I really beg to differ here: I've been
running several ASP.NET applications under Mono (both Winforms and MVC3/4)
for 3-4 years without major problems. I regularly build and test in VS
Express and deploy under Linux. Actually, in the last year, I've been using
Jenkins and Mono to build and package the software on a Linux host, using
the same solution file I use in VS Express. I admit that setup can be
tricky (solution/project files, etc.) but once you have all your pieces set
up (and of course steer clear of those classes still not implemented in
Mono) everything just works.

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