[Mono-list] known to work Apache2+ASP.NET configurations

Igor Shmukler igor.shmukler at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 17:52:36 UTC 2015


After spending much time trying to figure out how to get apache2
properly host my ASP.NET "project," I decided to slightly change
hunting grounds.

I believe that sites, including the Mono project itself, have been
developed using ASP.NET and hosted on apache+mono. Hence, this should
be doable. All I want is to load some classes from a few assemblies.

If you have gotten ASP.NET to host on apache2 [not XSP], please let me
know what versions of
mono_apache_server/mono_apache_server2/mono_apache_server4 and mono
have you used.

I was pretty sure that my issues are purely configuration-related. By
now, I am starting to have doubts. I have tried various
configurations. Whether autohosting or with manually configured site,
I get at best a TypeLoadException and a stack trace with missing line
numbers. The apache log has nothing useful.

Please provide insights, if you happen to know how to trace
TypeLoadException. I posted about this earlier. Sorry to be bothering
the good folks on this list. I have hit the wall and was unable to
move ahead for the second day. now. Please help, if you have
successfully solved this at some point. I see this error referenced in
multiple forums.


Igor Shmukler

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