[Mono-list] Mono RelaxngValidatingReader raising validation errors with valid files

Naftis dfusi at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 8 17:56:17 UTC 2015

Hello List, I found this mailing list on Mono after posting my question
(properly tagged) to StackOverflow (see the link below), but I suppose it
would be more proper to post it to you, especially because this seems a
trivial error on my side, yet I cannot find other guidance in the
I'm trying to use the C# RelaxNG validator from Mono, installed in my
project using the NuGet package RelaxNG version 3.0.2: to this end, I have
created a dummy XML with its RelaxNG schema (both valid, but you can examine
them by looking at the SO post quoted above). If I validate the XML using a
tool like Oxygen it works fine; yet, if I try validating the same XML with
the same schema using Mono RelaxngValidatingReader I get tons of validation
errors, in practice one for each XML element (Invalid start tag found,
etc.), so I'm probably missing something obvious here. Could anyone suggest
a solution?
Here I just paste my C# code, see the SO post for more:
RncParser parser = new RncParser(new NameTable());
    RelaxngPattern grammar = parser.Parse(new StreamReader(schemaFile,
    XmlTextReader instance = new XmlTextReader(xmlFile);
    RelaxngValidatingReader validator = new
RelaxngValidatingReader(instance, grammar);
    validator.InvalidNodeFound += (source, message) =>
        Console.WriteLine("{0},{1} [{2}] {3}",
        return true;
    while (validator.Read()) {}
Link to SO post: 

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