[Mono-list] Fasycopy in Mono

AniTa Wang anitawang1989 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 14:47:24 UTC 2015

FastCopy is a function in /mono-version-number/mono/metadata/icall.c

Newer versions disable some of the functionality for security
considerations, so I choose to use mono-2.4. souce code:

It is an optimization used by Mono to boost performance when copying data.

I am looking for a program that can trigger case 1, which is copying a
mono_default.object_class to valuetype...

2015-02-23 7:03 GMT-05:00 Edward Ned Harvey (mono) <
edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com>:

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> >
> > I am doing an experiment to measure the performance improvement of
> > Fasycopy function in Mono. The version I am testing is Mono 2.4.
> However, I
> > have some difficulties in finding applications that use the Fastcopy
> function.
> > Can anyone give me some guidance on how to trigger this function, or send
> > me some programs that uses Fastcopy? Thanks in advance.
> Can you post a link explaining what fastcopy is, and where you found it?
> I have never heard of it, and searching for "fastcopy" on the internet
> doesn't produce a lot of mono-specific or .net-specific results.
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