[Mono-list] Monodevelop made application not starting on ubuntu

Dan Liew dan at su-root.co.uk
Tue Aug 4 20:21:20 UTC 2015

On 4 August 2015 at 11:23, onedevteam.com <martin.jeremic at gmail.com> wrote:
> running with "mono myapp.exe" is not an option. I wan't application to be
> useful on computers with no mono installed.
> Meanwhile, i have managed to start application bundled with "mkbundle
> TestApp --deps --static -o TA" on machine where mono-complete is installed.
> when i bundle only with --deps, i got error "corlib not in sync with this
> runtime, expected corlib version 111, found 117".
> when i bundle only with --static, error is ""corlib not in sync with this
> runtime, expected corlib version 117, found 111".
> And all that, only after i have mono-complete installed on target machine.
> Without it, i get some gtk# dll not found errors.

What you're saying does not make sense. You want ``myapp.exe`` to not
depend on mono, but you installed gtk# on the target machine? That's
going to pull in mono as a dependency which is going to lead to issues
if your ``myapp.exe`` depends on some dlls that aren't embedded
executable. It sounds like the dlls you have on the target machine
were built for a different version of mono hence the corlib version
mismatch errors.

You need to find a way of bundling all the dlls on the host machine
(e.g. gtk#) into your ``myapp.exe``. This isn't guaranteed to work
though if that dlls depends on a certain versions of a native library
(e.g. gtk).

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