[Mono-list] Does Properties.Settings.Default.Save() work under Linux

Chris Down Chris.Down at alcor.co.uk
Mon Apr 27 10:59:02 UTC 2015

Thanks for replying.

> The first thing is, don't expect windows forms to be cross platform compatible. They're kinda sorta implemented in mono, but not good. The recommendation is to either design the business logic to be cross-platform, and then design the GUI separately for each platform (probably GTK# for linux), or use something that's intended to be cross-platform, such as Eto.Forms, or XWT.

Yes, I understand that the implementation of windows forms is incomplete and
not good, hence the question,  "Does Properties.Settings.Default.Save() work
under Linux".  Does the Save method work on mono?

I am just trying to port an existing application to Linux and everything works
fine except this.


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