[Mono-list] Error Installing 3.8.0 on CentoOS 6.5

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Sat Sep 20 18:51:52 UTC 2014

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> bounces at lists.ximian.com] On Behalf Of mfarnan
> Trying to Install latest Mono on Fresh CentOS 6.5 install.
> Getting the following dependency errors.    Would appreciate any assistance.

" Users of CentOS or RHEL (or similar distributions) may need to add the EPEL repository to their system to satisfy all dependencies"

It looks like your base OS and/or EPEL packages are outdated.  Make sure you can first "yum -y update" and also make sure EPEL is available.

As long as your base yum repo and epel repo are both connected and updated, I *think* dependencies in the mono repo will automatically resolve.  Otherwise, you might just need to explicitly add or update those packages prior to your attempt of installing mono-complete.


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