[Mono-list] Running ASP.Net 4.5 MVC Application on Mono

Fernando Rodriguez frodriguez.developer at outlook.com
Wed Sep 17 19:05:04 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 17 September 2014 7:33:20 AM Martin Thwaites wrote:
> You're running a fork, not mono's main, therefore you may (and probably
> don't) have the latest version.  Try with the main repository.
> The main thing missing in mono at the moment as far as I'm aware is the
> async controllers and all the new identity stuff.

I know, I just installed it on the side as a parallel installation. My main 
installation is from the latest stable tarball. To run the web app from this 
installation I just do /opt/mono/bin/xsp4 and it uses all the correct 
assemblies. The only thing is I got to change the references that I added 
directly from the framework directory.

How do you add references like System.Web.Pages.* directly from the GAC on 
MonoDevelop? They're not listed under the "All" tab for me. Even if I create a 
new MVC3 project it has this references defined on the project but they're 
broken cause there's no such package. Is this a bug with the latest mono or 

As far as I'm concerned right now both this fork and the latest mono have the 
same stuff as I get the same error.
> The @ syntax is the Razor View engine, that was MVC 3 and that works fine
> on mono as all my sites use it.
> To be honest it looks like an issue with configuration or your
> installation.  Try running directly through monodevelop.  when you get the
> view error, the actual compilation error appears in the output window.

I think you're right, I stepped through mono's code (it's a pain cause as it 
is I can open the source file and set breakpoints but I can't step through it, 
I need to set a breakpoint on every line to step -- I think I need to create a 
project for it, the one that comes with it has a lot of project references but 
I can't find a solution file for them). But what I've found is that it has a 
list of build providers for each extension extension (loaded from some config 
file as it's one of the ConfigSection types) but it doesn't have an entry for 
.cshtml (nor any MVC files) so it's not even trying to build them at all. I'm 
not sure yet where the list comes from, any ideas?

My Web.config looks just like the one generated by VS except I changed the 
bindingRedirect for System.Web.Pages and System.Web.Helpers to use version instead of (that's what mono has).

I've been running it on monodevelop, it shows the same output as running xsp4 
directly (no exceptions).


Fernando Rodriguez
frodriguez.developer at outlook.com

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