[Mono-list] Running ASP.Net 4.5 MVC Application on Mono

Fernando Rodriguez frodriguez.developer at outlook.com
Wed Sep 17 00:41:07 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 16 September 2014 11:39:00 PM Martin Thwaites wrote:
> The error around no view engine appears no matter what the error is in your
> view.  Also of the time I get it due to the view not being able to
> compiled, not missing.  Things like incorrect syntax in the view throw that
> error.

That's what I'm thinking, the syntax is valid for MVC5 but not MVC3 or 
whatever mono supports. Do you know what version introduced the @ syntax? I 
noticed that the MVC3 solution created by MonoDevelop uses server side tags 
instead. All I'm doing on the views is displaying fields from the model and I 
got maybe 1 or 2 if statements on the whole app.

According to this guys: https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=16475 the 
problem was fixed back in february but on the current github version is not 
fixed. Also he posts the output of mono --version and it shows 4.0.0 but I 
built from the current github tree and the version is 3.10.2.

Do you know how can I got the same github version he got? His output show it 
was master/5597172 I tried: 

git checkout 5597172

and I haven't built that one yet but I ran autogen.sh and looked at the 
Makefile and it still shows version 3.10.2.

I'm building this fork right now: https://github.com/matthid/mono

> Viewbag was Atleast MVC3 I think.  So that error could be your issue.  Does
> the solution run in IIS on windows without mono?
> If you don't know that you have a working installation yet, I'd try running
> a barebones example solution first.

I'm only using the ViewBag for debugging to display exceptions if something 
goes wrong so I just created a class with an Error property that may be wrong 
(does every requests gets it's own controller instance) but right now all I 
want is to get it to run.

It works fine on IIS, on Visual Studio Web Server and on XSP (MonoDevelop) on 
Windows but I think is running on that .NET even though it uses some mono 

Thanks for your time.

Fernando Rodriguez
frodriguez.developer at outlook.com

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