[Mono-list] Why doesn't Mono do cross platform GUI development like Java?

Jonathan Mitchell jonathan at mugginsoft.com
Sun Nov 30 16:49:14 UTC 2014

It seems there is also an offering from nevron


> On 30 Nov 2014, at 15:30, Edward Ned Harvey (mono) <edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com> wrote:
>> From: Terry Reese [mailto:reeset at gmail.com]
>> Thanks -- I'd looked at the Xamarin forms, but I'm only interested in client
>> development -- no iOS or Android, so that seems non-optimal at this point.
>> The XWT sounds interesting, but I couldn't tell if it was actually an active
>> project.  Most of the discussion about it has been around 2012, though I see
>> there have been some recent check-in on Git, so maybe.  I had the same
>> question with the ETO project.  These seem like one off efforts, and I was
>> something that was actually being baked into mono and actually maintained
>> (not like Windows.Forms has been).
> I'm not sure how "active" a project needs to be - I am a maintainer on rdiff-backup, and nobody's committed anything in like 3 years because there's so little demand for any changes.  Basically, it's stable and very little need to continue working on it.
> Xwt and Eto, however, are a little bit different.  It's understandable that OS interfaces will change over time, some development effort will always be needed to maintain, but there's no sign of falling below THAT threshold right now.
> Xwt is currently used by Xamarin.Studio / Monodevelop, which suggests quite a bit of feature capability and stability and compatibility.  However, they're moving away from it because they need more control, available by using the native toolkits directly.  In my opinion, that's not condemning to Xwt - It's an indicator that they have sufficient development effort available as to maintain the separate projects for each platform, but for those who can't or don't want to afford the extra effort, Xwt could still be useful as long as it does what you want & need it to do.
> I don't know what projects out there use Eto, but it seems to be bigger, more robust and more actively maintained than Xwt.
> FWIW, I have not yet used either one personally.  It's on the to-do list, to evaluate them.
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