[Mono-list] Cross-Platform GUI Tookit

Daniel Hughes trampster at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 00:08:26 UTC 2014

OK Lets take NewtonSoft.Json as an example. Lets say I want to use it
in my opensource project and that I want that project to be included
in the Ubuntu Repositories. To do that I need to get my project into
debian. So because NewtonSoft.Json is not available as a deb package
in debian I include the dll directly in my package. Then I submit my
package to the debian.

Debian then rejects that package because it has a binary in it. How do
I know this? Because I tried it with widemargin for using moq (the
.net mocking library which is opensource but not packaged for debian)

If I want my cross platform project to be available in linux
distributions then it must include only source and must depend only on
other packages already available for that distributions repository.

So currently a mono application that wants to be included in
debian/ubuntu can only use the following GUI toolkits:
* GTK2
* Winforms

It can't use the following:
* GTK3 (bindings not get included)
* QT (bindings not included)
* WPF (windows only)

Because NewtonSoft.Json is not packaged for debian there is not a
single .net project in the debian/ubuntu repositories which uses it.

On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 12:50 PM, Edward Ned Harvey (mono)
<edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com> wrote:
>> From: Miguel de Icaza [mailto:miguel at xamarin.com]
>> On Windows it is quite decent, it is a thin layer on top of the native Win32
>> API.   So if you want a simple Win32 app, it is ideal.
>> On Mac, you are slightly wrong.   There are two backends.   An X11 backend
>> and a Cocoa backend, so you do not need X11 to run those app,
>> That said, it contains both bugs as well as limitations based on the light Win32
>> emulation.
> Thanks for that.
> When I said Windows.Forms is the oldest and junkiest thing on windows, I only meant it's old-style.  You could get an equally compatible, more modern look using something else like WPF.
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