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Sun Nov 16 12:04:39 UTC 2014

WPF could be the best alternative if Microsoft open source it.

In the current implementation it’s rendered with DirectX so we only need to write an OpenGL backend.

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On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 7:30 AM, Baltasar García Perez-Schofield
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> Hi, there,
> Winforms is rubbish on both linux and Mac and unlikely to get any better.
> Winforms is not rubbish on Linux, it is maybe not perfect, but obviously
> could be improved by ironing the most important bugs.
> Winforms is quite good on Windows, since it is possible to build native
> applications there.
>> WPF is windows only and is not opensource and is it seems unlikely to be
>> any time soon.
> Interesting. Why is WPF so important that Microsoft is not going to open
> it? I don't know what is WPF based on, but if it is a drawn toolkit, it
> could be a solution.
>> Xwt is immature, has limited widget support, Is largely unproven
>> (nothing is using it, except maybe a very little in MonoDevelop) and
>> is abandoned (no commits for 11 months)
> This is quite strange. I mean, the whole Xwt thing. Why abandon it now,
> anyway?
> If you want to produce a cross platform app your best bet is to use an
>> architecture (MVC or similar) which allows you to use a native GUI
>> toolkit on each plaform. This is what I ended up with in my project
>> WideMargin, WPF on windows GTK on linux.
> This is what the Xamarin boys advice to do. It is obviously the best bet,
> as you said, if you are going to support the burden of having different
> sources for different environments (MVC is okay, but that is nevertheless
> going to happen). Is it possible however, that there is not going to be a
> simple way to deploy a graphical app in a cross-platform way?
> I mean, come on, you can do it on Java, on Python... you can do that in any
> high-level programming language... ¿except on Mono/C#?
> Maybe Qt is the only answer. Many projects are abandoning Gtk+ in favor of
> Qt. The problem is to be able to go with undocumented/unproven bindings.
> Sad situation.
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