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Jacky Alciné jackyalcine at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 19:57:04 UTC 2014

Why not use something like Qyoto (C# bindings for Qt) that uses Qt's
GUI libraries for cross-platform development?

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>> In theory, yes, but in practice then it was always a little flaky on
>> Linux, had rendering issues on anything but simple layouts, and had at
>> least one major issue I can think of on OS X.
>> Also, a recent post [1] said that it was based on deprecated technology
>> and that you shouldn't "expect [it] to come back to life".
> Windows.Forms is the oldest and junkiest thing available, even on Windows.  It's even worse on mono because it's buggy, and worse still on OSX because it requires X11.
> Not to mention, it looks like hell on any platform.
> So no.  Windows.Forms is not a good answer for cross-platform GUI.  The aforementioned Eto.Forms is some kind of wrapper that allows you to design your GUI and run the same code on iOS, Mac OSX, Linux GTK# 2 or 3, and Windows.Forms and WPF.  I say again, I haven't used it yet and can't advocate it right now - but it's the right idea going in the right direction.  Just hope to have more than one option to compare.
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