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Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Wed May 28 22:42:45 UTC 2014

This deserves to be cross-posted.  I had heard many people express concern about mono and the .NET API, in the wake of oracle v google, and especially in the recent-ish reversal of decision, which now rules an API to be copyrightable.  

Congratulations to Mono, and the people named by Miguel below, and thank you Microsoft.   :-)  And congratulations to Oracle, for continuing to destroy java like a bunch of idiots.

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> Hello guys,
> Today we launched Xamarin 3, and as part of this release, we are announcing
> a big contribution from Microsoft.
> Microsoft has released the .NET API documentation under a Creative
> Commons license.
> This means a few things:
> • Mono now has complete docs for use on Mac and Linux
> • MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio will now provide full docs during code-
> completion while editing the source code.
> Many thanks should go to Bryan Costanich that nursed this process and
> to  our friends at Microsoft that made this possible.   Including Scott Guthrie,
> S Somasegar, Richard Lander and everyone that did the work to get us the
> bits.
> The documentation is checked into mono/mcs/class, on their respective
> assemblies.
> While we have imported most of the documentation now, our importing
> tools still fail in a handful of cases, so you will see the documentation get
> more and more in shape in the next couple of weeks.   We will also start to
> integrate the various off-line samples that are part of the documentation.
> Cheers!
> Miguel

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