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Mon Mar 10 23:37:43 UTC 2014

as far as I am aware it is apple's deployment model that means you can't
ship and give your end users the means to replace mono.

under GPL2, technically if you give away linkable objects that allow
someone to rebuild (relink) your app and replace any GPL2 parts you can use
the GPL2 license. That is very difficult to get right on android and harder
with the iOS tool chain since you actually have to pay for it.

If you wish to statically link in mono and want to distribute your binaries
without source or the means to 100% replace mono then you will need the
commercial license.
On 10 Mar 2014 22:27, "jacanosalado" <jacanosalado at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there!
> I'm working on a project that is going to use the mono runtime
> (libmonosgen/libmonoboehm) embedded inside an Android and iOS app.
> I have some doubts related to the mono runtime license limitations on
> embedded systems. So, I'm going to describe my project and ask you guys
> some
> questions.
> I've embedded a mono dll as well as a custom version of the mono runtime as
> a binary file, statically compiled and linked to my Android and iOS app.
> On Android, I'll be jitting the mono dll when the app runs and then
> invoking
> some managed methods from my mono dll.
> On iOS, I'll be aot-ing my mono dll and then invoking some managed methods
> when the app runs (the same procedure I use on Android).
> It seems like the mono runtime is using GNU Library GPL 2.0 and Xamarin is
> holding the rights to license it on embedded systems like Android and iOS.
> I want to know if I'll be complying with the terms of the GNU Library GPL
> 2.0 if I use the mono runtime inside my Android/iOS app the way I described
> above.
> What about freely distributing and selling my app with this approach? Are
> we
> allowed to do it under the GNU Library GPL 2.0.
> Do I need special licenses from Xamarin in order to publish my app in
> Google
> Play or App Store?
> I've already considered using Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS but, for this
> project, I prefer to create me own native library in C/C++ for Android and
> iOS and my custom trampoline code in order to have fine-grained control
> over
> garbage collections, trampoline code (intermediate C code between C world
> mono world) and probably debugging and profiling.
> I think this is a good place to ask for this technical questions that
> aren't
> completely solved here: http://www.mono-project.com/FAQ:_Licensing
> In case my project doesn't comply with the terms of the GNU Library GPL
> 2.0,
> it would be great if someone could help me to find out more details of the
> "Ultimate Edition" license Xamarin is offering, as stated in the mono
> project licensing faq I have already referenced here:
> "Mono is available to be licensed commercially if the LGPL/GPL/X11
> combination is not suitable for you. Xamarin offers commercial licensing
> options to redistribute Mono under non-LGPL terms. If your organization
> intends to redistribute software which embeds or bundles Mono, but is
> unable
> to comply with the terms of GNU LGPL v2, the Ultimate Edition may be right
> for you."
> Thanks in advance!
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