[Mono-list] Debug.Assert - a cross-platform issue

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 15:54:25 UTC 2014

Before getting familiar with mono you should first get familiar with how
opensource development works. Read about "talk is cheap", "easier said
than done", etc. (that is, if you think Mono should behave in some way,
go ahead and try to make it so).

On 07/03/14 15:17, MarLOne wrote:
> Hi,
> Why is Debug.Assert(false) not terminating/aborting not a bug and has not
> been fixed since it was first raised in 2006?
> I am using MD4.2.2 in Mint-15 and it still fails to behave correctly out of
> the box and wasting people's effort. Sure, one can register tracelistener
> into the chain. But if the declaration in mono-projects' web page is serious
> about "Run your applications on all platforms", then Mono has to address all
> these cross-platform runtime issues and not just being able to compile C#
> constructs (I have two reported - XmlSerializer and
> TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones). You need to make sure the runtime
> behaviour is the same as in Windows and other Platform when mono support
> those constructs.
> Debug.Assert() is a widely use construct that dated back to .Net 1 to catch
> violation in debug mode.
> I have been programming in CLR since if was in beta and it is so
> disheartening that one cannot take code from Windows/CLR over to Mono with
> great confidence. It is like playing MineSweeper as you never know when you
> step on a mine!
> Anyone contemplating of using Mono as a cross platform tool needs to
> consider mono as a high risk exercise. Don't just trust it because it can
> compile your C# constructs as it only produces compiler-happy code.
> Please fix up the Debug.Assert() as it is definitely a bug. If those that
> have all these tricks to make it working, why can't they add them as the
> default behaviour so that if Debug.Assert(false) terminates in CLR, it
> should do that in Mono out of the box and even running inside MonoDevelop is
> an improvement.

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