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Bob Summerwill bob at summerwill.net
Tue Jun 17 19:44:39 UTC 2014

Great to hear,  Miguel.

Thanks for the update.

On Jun 17, 2014 7:30 AM, "Miguel de Icaza" <miguel at xamarin.com> wrote:

> I am sorry to say that the Mono Project website is not in a very state, is
>> it?
>>     http://mono-project.com/Main_Page
>> There are various dead-links, references to Novell, and the front-page is
>> an
>> advertizement for Xamarin's commercial products.     I would like to
>> volunteer to give it a little bit of love, and perhaps other people would
>> like to help me?
> It is being worked on.
> The current content is on MediaWiki, and the problem that we had with
> MediaWiki is that keeping it open meant that someone had to be on call to
> remove spam, hack attempts and plain misinformation being added to the
> site.   So since we migrated the contents, it has remained closed.
> It is suboptimal.
> So we are converting the data to some text format and rendering it
> statically, and when this is all said and done, it will live on GitHub,
> where we can more easily deal with the above problems.
> Miguel
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