[Mono-list] Not implemented exceptions in Getters

Dave Curylo curylod at asme.org
Sat Jul 12 18:36:23 UTC 2014

On Saturday, July 12, 2014, Kevin Connell <kevin at connells.net> wrote:

> So, I should fork mono so I can serialize a hashtable with an industry
> standard serialization library?
Not unless there is a mono bug here to fix, and then a fork, test, and pull
request would be needed to fix it.

I use json.net successfully on mono for a few different projects, although
I don't often just serialize hashtables since they can be tricky to
deserialize without type information.  Can you provide a code sample to
reproduce this?

An exception from a getter is not the behavior people generally expect, so
I agree it's poor design that will cause unexpected errors (like
yours) when people try to use the class in a typical way, but maybe there
is a good reason that it's not implemented on mono.
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