[Mono-list] Mono no longer supported on SPARC?

Baltasar García Perez-Schofield baltasarq at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 10:05:17 UTC 2014


> Is SPARC not supported by Mono any more?
> I finally got the 3.4.0 runtime to build (many thanks to Steve Hall!), but
> when I try to run anything with it, I get:
> Assertion: should not be reached at method-to-ir.c:2566
> Now, that is in this method:
> static voidset_rgctx_arg (MonoCompile *cfg, MonoCallInst *call, int
> rgctx_reg, MonoInst *rgctx_arg){#ifdef MONO_ARCH_RGCTX_REG
> mono_call_inst_add_outarg_reg (cfg, call, rgctx_reg, MONO_ARCH_RGCTX_REG,
> FALSE);	cfg->uses_rgctx_reg = TRUE;	call->rgctx_reg = TRUE;#ifdef
> ENABLE_LLVM	call->rgctx_arg_reg = rgctx_reg;#endif#else
> mono/mini/mini-sparc.h does not define *MONO_ARCH_RGCTX_REG*... so we can't
> use JIT. But it also doesn't define *MONO_ARCH_LLVM_SUPPORTED*... so we
> can't use LLVM either!
> Am I missing something obvious here, or is support for SPARC dead?

	I remember there is a tool, mint, that only interprets the code, does not include a jitter:


	I'd guess that's a solution wherever the architecture is not supported.

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