[Mono-list] Advice Needed / Cross-Platform Server Application

Greg Deward greg.deward at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 01:22:07 UTC 2014

Could someone please provide some current proven real-world recommendations
for leveraging Microsoft-based technologies (C#, .NET, WCF / ASP.NET MVC /
etc.) for building a large-scale cross-platform application while minimizing
licensing costs for the finished product?  I've been reading about the
various Mono packages, Xamarin, SUSE, etc., etc., etc. and am thoroughly
confused.  There are tons of discussions but nobody really saying, "This is
how it's done" or "These are the tools and combinations we used to build
____ successfully."


For what it's worth, SQL Server / C# / .NET / ASP.NET MVC / Windows has been
my primary environment since around 2000.  As much as I'd love to entertain
the idea of using Objective-C, Java, or some other technology, I just don't
have the time to venture out that far.  I need to stick to the technologies
I know (as much as possible) while ensuring minimal licensing costs for my
customers.  The thought of requiring a customer to spend $100's or $1,000's
for OS or database licensing is not something I want.


What are the easiest / most elegant tools (from a developer's perspective)
for doing this?  Is there a certain Linux distro that would be best for a
target platform?  A best mix of tools like Xamarin and Mono?


Thanx, in advance.


- G. Deward

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