[Mono-list] About using mono to program arm linux GUI application

Scott Zhang macromarship at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 13:04:24 UTC 2014

Hello. Everyone.
   Sorry I konw I am not the first one have and ask this question. 
   I am primary a .net/C# programming on windows. Start using .NET from 2005 and used vs2005,vs2008 and now vs2012. And sometimes I program linux application, I used QT4 for both X86 and arm appliction. When mono was first burn I read about it but never give it a try. 
   Recently I have an arm application to program. I planned to use QT4. Because it is the supported programming tools released with the Arm hardware and built Linux. I can just used it, without any extra configurations. But I still consider the Mono as a best candidate as I prefer C# over C++.
   I have been googling for a well, read posts on stackoverflow and some blogs. Looks directFB and cairo is where people interested to run mono on arm linux. I also read the very outdated MonoARM page. So my question is , is there any way can have me  coding arm application using mono like coding a winforms application(I don't like GTK. And running X11 on arm looks overkill because qt4 runs directly without X11)? I would wish to have winform runs on directFB if it is possibe. 


Scott Zhang
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