[Mono-list] Does Mono Basic support lag behind C#?

Alessandro Binhara binhara at monobrasil.com.br
Fri Feb 14 09:37:35 UTC 2014

Hello Michel

My name is Alessandro Binhara ...  i m from original monobasic team .
in 2005 we finish a implementation of Vb.NET in mono.  You can look a VNB
compiler too .

On the issue of portability, it is more interesting to use C # to be a
standardized language.
In matter of performance does not make sense, since both the MCS as MBAS
generate IL code, and IL runs directly on Mono in the same way.

What can happen is the C # compiler to be much more optimized than
VB.NETto generate IL

I am copying you for Rafael Teixeira who is the creator of monobasic, and
to alexandre marcondes which was also one of the leaders of the Project.
I believe they can give you more details of how this project currently

If you need some professional support, I have a company in Brazil
Speciallized in mono.

2014-02-12 18:34 GMT-02:00 mdlueck <mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com>:

> Greetings,
> I am evaluating using MonoDevelop for Client/Server application
> development.
> My primary development environment will be Xubuntu LTS editions, latest
> stable.
> I am wondering the status of the Basic support within MonoDevelop... such
> as
> may all of the GUI development capabilities/tools for C# be used for Basic,
> or is there a lag that Basic is catching up with C#?
> A major corporate size client commissioned me to develop an ERP / Business
> Intelligence application for them. The client group specified Access (2007,
> later added 2010) and the corporate IT group specified SQL Serer 2008.
> I pushed Access to the extreme as a Client/Server development tool. I
> double
> class-wrapped all forms to database. Class layer one is a DB object class
> which provides a consistent public interface to SELECT / INSERT / UPDATE /
> etc... calls the correct Stored Procedure via ADO.Command / ADO.Parameter
> type VB code, and populates class methods. The second layer of classes I
> call the Validation classes which performs mapping between the DB object
> and
> the form controls. Those classes perform data validation after all screen
> controls have been read, and prior to sending data to the DB object. If any
> field(s) are found to have an invalid value, they are indicated and no DB
> operation is performed. If all field(s) are valid, then field values are
> shuffled to the DB object and the correct DB call is issued.
> Total client and application server tier code was over 125,000 LOC's, and
> in
> excess of 260 Stored Procedures on the SQL BE DB. Pretty slick little ERP /
> BI application.
> I fear that C# will be too verbose in syntax / not productive and efficient
> enough, so wish to see if the Mono Basic support lags at all behind the
> primary language C#.
> I said Primary is Xubuntu. Target platforms will include Windows at first,
> perhaps others later. So I would need to understand the Windows run-time
> requirements. I hope to be able to build without any use of paid license
> software... aka VisualStudio. Will this be possible targeting a Windows
> run-time platform? Thank you.
> Blessings,
> Michael Lueck
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> Michael Lueck
> Lueck Data Systems
> http://www.lueckdatasystems.com/
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